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87 Minute documentary on the Vietnam War. Shows how the U.S. government killed more than 3 million Vietnamese in their War of Independence. Starts with the history of the conflict from WWII, the defeat of the French, how the American people were lied into the conflict in the Gulf of Tonkin. Then shows how the killing was done. Includes testimony from soldiers and Vietnamese. Narrated by Martin Sheen. Written, Produced and Directed by Clay Claiborne.

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Tags: vietnam, Donald Rumsfeld, lyndon johnson, Vietnam War, Apocalypse Now, B52, birth defects, Da Nang, Gerald Ford, Goldwater, Kent State University, Lê Du?n, Liberation Front, M-16, Mao Zedong, Marcus Garvey, New Left, Nixon, NVA, Phnom Penh

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Clay Claiborne

Martin Sheen

Johnny Mastro
Music Composition

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